About Artist Ina Kazarina

Ina kazarina

Art is not for perception. It’s for the senses and flair (R. de Gurmon)

Abstract.lt is the place where the most beautiful abstract art ideas are born.

Artist Statement
I am interested not only in the outcomes of my paintings but the process of painting, that is what excites me. There is something beautiful and thrilling on how colors interlace and lay on canvas, creating harmonic patterns. Many of my paintings, like mosaic tiles, consist of small pieces, dots, and curves. On canvas they become the pictures of my visions. My paintings are reflections of my inner world. I use colors and patterns like a language, or like music, that represents my emotions and feelings. Just like music, my paintings reveal a mood and anyone can feel it regardless of how much they know or do not know about art.


She started painting as a child.
“Unfortunatelly, I can’t remember what my fist painting looked like because I was only 3 when I painted it. I used a pen as a paintbrush, and the biggest wall in the living room as canvas. My parents weren’t that happy about my first painting, though. I guess that was an abstract art painting.” Ina says with a smile.

She likes modern art.
“I never miss the opportunity to visit an art exhibition. Not neccessarily just paintings, I find all modern art charming. Sometimes I get more inspired by a sculpture exhibition than by looking at paintings. I visited France this autumn, and we saw two modern art exhibitions. I liked them a lot.” Ina shares her impressions.

She’s inspired by her desire to express herself.
“Every art work is a piece of me that I put into the paintings. It expresses my mood and feelings at that time. When I’m painting, I’m relaxed, I forget about everything, I dip into feelings, I give myself to art completely. It’s a unique experience when your feelings and ideas come alive on canvas and become a perfect work of art.” Ina reveals her secrets.